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If you are interested in one our our animals available for adoption, you can find our adoption questionnaires here.

Shirley - rescued and rehomed.

Shirley – rescued and rehomed.

Why don’t we have a telephone number you can contact?
As well as rescuing, Heading for Home co-ordinators have full-time jobs and in the hopes of staying employed, prefer to start contact via email, to reduce the number of phone calls during work hours. Please send us an email in the first instance, we do try to answer promptly! If you’d prefer to talk on the phone, let us know via email and we’ll organise a phone call.

Heading for Home is a rescue group, not a shelter. That means that our animals are in foster care in lots of different homes, not in the one location. This is why we need to  organise appointments for you to meet our animals. Our members are based in the Central Highlands/Macedon Ranges area of Victoria although we try and centralise our meetings around Woodend (see map).


Mailing address: PO Box 161, Woodend, Vic 3442

Our Pet Rescue site: Heading for Home: Central Victorian Animal Rescue

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